Vice City Multiplayer Vice City: Multiplayer

Summary of Features

Multiplayer Gameplay

  • Years of modification to build a great multiplayer experience
  • Most single-player features are supported in multiplayer
  • Comes with a server browser connected to a masterlist for finding games quickly


  • Support for custom objects, skins, vehicles, map icons, weapons and radio stations
  • Customizable weapon stats and vehicle handling
  • Servers can be extended with plugins to provide more resources for scripters
  • Players can configure their multiplayer's appearance
  • Added a configurable windowed mode
  • Includes a first-class GUI system and client-side scripting
  • Server testers can run more than one game at once


  • Extended periods of testing to prevent crashes and bugs
  • Support for both retail (v1.0) and Steam games
  • Anticheat on the server to prevent hacking


  • Accurate sync that reduces the effects of latency
  • Interpolation of player movements to smooth out jitter
  • Changes the behavior of the game to use less CPU when idle
  • Vehicles are less slippery when riding on top of them
  • Actions such as vehicle surfing and animations are synced


  • Lightweight server core that demands few resources
  • Wide range of control over what players can or must do and when

For more information, visit the wiki for lists of available functions.